The Mousetrap

2010  - Garland Civic Theatre - Garland, Texas

Director: Morgana Shaw

Set Designer's Notes: Agatha Christie's famous mystery play is set in a former abbey, now a guest house, so I was able to play with stone walls, grand castle-like fireplaces, oreil windows, and snow-bound courtyards... contriving icicles to hang from the garden statue's nose was one of the fun bits!


Theater review: Mousetrap

The Column, Richard Goulde

...Second, the set design is fantastic.  The play takes place in the Great Hall of Monkswell Manor, and the spacious stage (located in the cozy, intimate space at the Granville Arts Center) is appointed in warm coors and rich textures that delight the eyes and invite the audience directly into the room.  The set offers velvety seating arrayed in font of a warm and flickering fireplace, with textured wals behind, and space left over for intimate exchanges in shadowed corners.  A large picture window looks out into a three-dimensional courtyard, where the cold light shines like a deep winter day and renders the fireplace even more alluring.  The courtyard gives the stage a feeling of depth that's rare in live theater...  Set designer Clare Floyd DeVries and stage manager Nolan McDermott really shine here.  Major kudos."


PHOTO: Celeste Rogers / Garland Civic Theatre